All CSP Photos provided by:  City Surf Project

 City Surf Project works to ensure equitable access to the ocean and surfing for Bay Area youths. They use surfing as a vehicle to foster a connection to nature, and improve the health and well being of youth that have been historically underrepresented in the sport.  Since the organization’s inception they have connected over 2,000 youths to riding waves through over 400 outings with 80% of the kids in the program experiencing the ocean for the very first time.  


Our relationship with the CSP came through one of our PVW Foundation staff members Frankie D’Andrea, who along with being a native to the Northern California surf community, shined light on the incredible work the City Surf Project was doing in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Last year the Positive Vibe Warriors Foundation was able to support CSP’s Back to the Beach Fall campaign that generated funds that went to the support in training their “SILT” mentors.  SILT stands for “Surf Instructors in Leadership Training.”  These mentors have all graduated through the programs and are getting trained to be surf coaches.  They  demonstrate the positive effect that having  access to the ocean can have on one's life by passing on the stoke to the younger generation. This inspiring sector within the CSP really embodies how you can foster leadership and positive role models within your own community.


This year the foundation will continue its support to City Surf Project’s “Back to the Beach” campaign happening this fall.  Our goal is to donate $5,000 to the campaign which will help put 12 SILTS through training ,  and supply them with Positive Vibe Warriors softboards for the mentors to share the stoke on every wave ridden in the ocean.




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JUJU SURF CLUB is a non profit organization dedicated to highlighting and supporting emerging surf sites in Africa.  Founded by Mikey and Zelti February, JUJU aims to bring global awareness and support to existing and emerging African surf programs through sharing resources, connecting individuals from across the globe to help with fundraising for surf equipment.  


Through the many years of surfing together and spending time with Mikey and his wife Zelti, we came to know their incredible compassion and willingness to support their local African surfing communities.  


Emerging surf communities all throughout Africa are not a new thing, yet many of these communities face desperately limited access to surfing resources and infrastructure stunting their opportunity to grow their talents and potentially break out onto the world scene.  Mikey understands the impact that ascending to the top level of surfing can bring, having qualified for the WSL World Championship Tour in 2018, now utilizing his platform to inspire a new generation of African surfers to reach for their own goals.  


Photo Credit: Monster Children 

This year we will be working together to create a collaborative PVW softboard design, that will not only raise funding to support their JUJU SURF CLUB organization, and also providing soft boards to those respective organizations across the African continent. 


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All nigeria photos, credit: Oli Hillyer- Riley

The Nigerian Surf Team is a collective of young surfers on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria with Olympic aspirations.  


We first became introduced to this amazing youth collective while traveling to Nigeria on a surf trip with our friend Dylan Graves.  What was expected to be a fun wave centered in the relatively lesser known surfing region of Nigeria, proved to be a thriving community hub of hot, young surfing talent.  Led by Nigerian born surfer John Mitcheletti, the local kids took to the wedging waves of Tarkwa Bay with vigor and passion.  It was here we learned of their hopes to form a Nigerian Surf Team to compete in the ISA Games, with future aspirations to qualify for the Olympics. 



Despite the depth of natural talent and dedication from the young crew, there remained a huge lack of access to surfing equipment in Nigeria.  Returning from the trip, we have worked closely with John to design a custom 15 board fleet high performance shortboards with South African shaper David Van Ginkle to help assist them in their goal of progress and introduction to competing on a global stage.  


With the boards arriving into Nigeria this year, we are looking forward to working closely with the Nigerian Surf Team in their pursuit of their goals of not only improving their surfing skills but also facilitating opportunities for the youth of Tarkwa to become certified Lifeguards as well as ISA recognized surf instructors, ultimately allowing for work opportunities while still being able to pursue a surfing life .  


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