About Us

Thanks for being aware of Positive Vibe Warriors. We want to share our story from the beginning to the creation of the Foundation.

It all started with our trusty VW Van, Camping and beachcombing from Northern California to the tip of Baja. It was our home away from home and along the way it gave us the opportunity to enjoy the simple things in life.

Adventures included tide pool exploration, surfing and skin diving with loads of fun, which elevated our ocean awareness and love for the sea.

Having grown up, years later, we feel grateful to be able to share our love for the ocean through the "STOKE-O-RAMA". This "celebration of surf" for the kids, allowed us to come full circle in our lives in sharing the "stoke" that makes life special.

The PVW Foundation is dedicated to connecting our youth to the ideals of ocean education and water safety with a passion for environmental preservation.

Thanks for joining us.

The Gudauskas Family