All Photos PVW Foundation, Credit:  Jimmy Wilson 

- Our Mission -

The Positive Vibe Warrior Foundation, a registered 501c3, exists to give back to emerging surf cultures and support youth water safety organizations. Our aim is to create leaders in the lineup for the next generation. Founded in 2012 by my brothers Patrick, Tanner and I, our collective objective has always been to share the power of the ocean in a pure and meaningful way. 


Over the years we’ve approached this goal through a wide variety of outlets.  One of our most effective outreach methods has been through surfboard drives, allowing us to donate over 1,000 new and used surfboards in support of emerging surf NGOs across the globe.  In 2016 after visiting a remote surfing community just outside of Kingston, Jamaica we were amazed at the incredible passion for surfing within the local youths yet the extreme lack of resources for the kids to continue the progress they so excitedly yearned for.  Upon return home our first board drive took place raising over 250 surfboards distributed across Jamaica in support of the Jamaican Surfing Association.  Following our Jamaica initiative, our next board drive effort got underway the following year in 2017  inspired by the amazing work of Waves for Change and Surfers Not Street Children who work to create safe spaces, caring mentors and a provision of weekly surf therapy sessions for communities all across Africa.  This activation was nationwide across the USA raising over 750 surfboards resulting in a massive level of support for these two NGOs utilizing the ocean to provide child- friendly mental health services to at risk youths living in unstable communities through surfing across South Africa, Mozambique, Samalia and Liberia.  By 2019 our third board drive was created to support another NGO, Waves for Hope in Trinidad and Tobago.  Again this program works to create safe spaces around the ocean, allowing for the act of riding waves to be a vehicle to heal one another, express oneself and connect with community and nature.  



Along with the surfboard drives, The Positive Vibe Warriors Foundation has raised over $100,000 donated to youth water safety and Jr Lifeguard programs in Hawaii, California and the east coast.  We believe that teaching ocean safety fundamentals is paramount in developing a healthy relationship to the ocean for all youths looking to access the ocean for the very first time.  


As a result of our collective experiences working within emerging surf cultures, we learned that the most effective way to introduce people to the ocean is through riding soft surfboards.  Motivated by that spirit this year in 2021 we have created a line of Positive Vibe Warriors softboards with design features to allow your first experiences with the ocean to be safe and fun.  10% of all Positive Vibe Warriors proceeds will go back to support our Foundation as we gear up for the efforts for the year ahead.  


This year, we are excited to be continuing our partnership and support of the City Surf Project that works to ensure equitable access to the ocean and surfing for Bay area youths.  We will be working together with the Nigerian Surfing Team to support their goals of surfing progression and competing in the ISA Surfing Games, a qualifier for the Olympic Games.  The Positive Vibe Warriors Foundation is also looking forward to working alongside the JUJU Surf Club to assist in their support of emerging surf sites in Africa.      


With each project the Positive Vibe Warriors Foundation takes on, it is a personal mission to inspire the lives of youth and harness the magic of an ocean life.  We truly appreciate the support of the Positive Vibe Warriors Foundation as we look forward to the year ahead!