Proudly Made in the USA

Our range of PVW Softboards is proudly made here in the USA.

We at the Positive Vibe Warriors, believe that change starts in our backyard.

We aim to reduce our footprint on mother earth by manufacturing our boards locally here in the USA,

We support jobs locally, while supporting emerging surf communities all across the world.

Made with 100% Recyclable Foam

Our PVW Softboards are proudly made with 100% recyclable foam so that our footprint on mother earth is reduced.

When you're finished surfing your PVW Softboard, simply return your board and receive 20 % off your next PVW Purchase.

Each board mold is then broken down, and repurposed to upcycled foam products.

Our aim is to close the chain in single use products by allowing the foam in your board to be upcycled to it's next purposeful life.



One of the most important factors when determining which Softboard is best for you. DURABILITY is key.

We bring to you one of the toughest, most durable softboards on the market. Constructed of high density copolymer foam.

Our aim is to provide quality, long lasting, high performing softboards. This vision was created over years of experience, and first hand seeing the importance of durability.

You can trust that if you're going surfing, your PVW Soft board will be ready for action in any condition or location.