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Introducing the new generation of Foam Surfboards.

When we set out to create PVW soft surfboards we wanted to continue growing the same DNA that Positive Vibe Warriors was founded on 10 years ago.  We care about people, community, quality actions, and staying authentic to our vision of providing access to the ocean for the next generation of surfers.  We have dedicated ourselves to building a board that reflects our ethos as PVW, and couldn’t be more excited with the results.

- Why our boards are different and why it matters -


Closed-Cell Foam Formation 

The first thing we asked when developing our boards, was “how do we increase the durability and life expectancy of soft tops?”  And “how do we provide you the best experience possible when entering into the water?”.  The answer is in the materials and construction of how we choose to build PVW soft surfboards.  Every custom mold that we create is infused with copolymer foam at a specific density, that allows the foam to form with closed-cell formation.  This means our foam molds are water-tight even if punctured or dinged, and wont delaminate like the previous generation of soft tops.  It means that your board is more water proof, and more durable so that it’s lifetime will be significantly increased, rather than a board that will quickly damage and breakdown and turn to waste in a landfill.  This is one of most important factors in why we believe our boards are the future of soft boards; increased performance and decreased impact on our environment through it’s durability and life expectancy.

-  Made with 100% Recyclable Foam  -

Closed-cell Foam not only increases the performance and reduces our impact on our environment through our board’s life expectancy, it also gives us the ability to recycle the foam mold of your board after you are finished using it.  Your board won’t just last longer, but even after it’s beautiful life under your feet we will take it back, break it down, and up-cycle the foam to it’s next meaningful life.  We are proud to offer a solution to single-use soft tops.  We aim to close the chain on single use products by recycling our boards after you are done using them.
For more information, please check out our PVW RECYCLE PROGRAM. 

-  Made in the USA - Where it’s made, matters  -

It’s important to us where our boards are made, and for many reasons.  We believe that made local means less impact on mother nature.  It means less shipping, less carbon output, minimizing our footprint on the very environment we aim to preserve for generations to come.  We also know, that made local means supporting local jobs and industry.  To support the next generation of surf, we have to first support our local manufacturers and community.

-  Premium Boards  -

The goal with anything we do at PVW, is to provide our community with quality experiences, and quality products.  For us, this is not something we take lightly, and do our best to constantly improve our performance so that you can have the best possible experience when enjoying the ocean.  Whether you are learning to surf, a professional surfer, or a young parent teaching your child to surf for the first time, we want to make sure you have the best possible soft surfboard to enjoy that experience. 
It is why we are constantly designing, testing, and aiming to improve our boards every model that we introduce.  How our boards are made, not only has positive affects on the environment, the performance, and the durability of our boards, but it also allows us to use our collective 60 Years of surfboard design experience to create the ultimate soft surfboards.  The three of us (Patrick, Dane, and Tanner Gudauskas), have been fortunate enough to have access to high level surfboard designs and shapers as professional surfers for over 20 years.  That same journey to developing high performance shortboards with Channel Islands and their shapers - Al Merrick, Britt Merrick, and Mike Andrews, are the very foundation and education that we are thankful to bring into the soft board space. We know that this sets our PVW soft boards apart from others as we are able to thoughtfully create custom designs each and every board from concept, to mold, to final model so that we can continue to build a better experience for our community of surfers at PVW.

-  The details  -

Even the little details matter to us.  Fin placement, deck pad textures, surfboard concave, and distribution of volume across our boards, are the reasons that you will simply get to enjoy the best surfing experience you can, when riding our PVW foamies.  For our fins we use one of the highest performing fins in the surf industry, with nearly 25 years of high performance design in their company - Future-fin system.  We are proud to offer a “no wax needed” deck pad inlay, so that your car stays clean, and you can get in the water ASAP, all the time.