6 ft - PVW Performer Surfboard Leash

$ 36

Each of our leashes is crafted here in Southern California.  Every leash is built with years of experience to give you the best performance in the ocean.

Perfect for high performance surfing in small to medium sized waves, or for the beginner surfer in average surf. Our leash is a good leash for every surfer in smaller to medium sized conditions. 

We use a #90 durometer cord to create a slightly softer leash, reducing tangles and creating a perfect blend of stretch and memory retention.

- .270 (7mm) USA Made Polyurethane Cord
- Strain Releif USA Made Injection Molded Fittings
- Double 8mm Nickle Plated Brass Swivel
- 1.5” Ankle Cuff
- Durable Marine Grade Velcro
- 4mm Double Wrapped Soft Neoprene Padding
- 1.5” x 6” Railsaver with Triple Wrap Velcro

Thank you for enjoying our PVW Leash!!

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