The 8'0'' Scout - JUJU x PVW Print

$ 550


Limited edition
collaboration Print

JUJU Surf Club started by South Africa's Michael February and Zelti February, is an NGO dedicated to empowering African surfers.

With our custom designed print, each of the JUJU boards sold contributes to their organization, and helps to support the next generation of African surfers.

About the 8'0'' SCOUT:

The 8'0'' is our highest selling, most accessible soft board for all levels and all surfers to guarantee that everyone's first steps in to the ocean are enjoyable!  

-  This board is 8'0'' x 22.5 '' x 3.36'' and is 78L 

-  The outline is built for all levels.

-  This board is a SINGLE - FIN Only 

-  Durability -  Our boards are constructed completely waterproof.  This is because it's made as one solid piece of Copolymer foam, so that it will not ding, or take on water at anytime in your experience.  

-  Our Molded stringers are made of poplar ply and each board has a custom designed stringer to give the boards maximum strength and performance.

-  No wax needed.  Every board is constructed with our Wax Free Deck Pad inlay so that you have maximum grip for every session.

-  All our boards are proudly made in the USA.

-  All of our boards are manufactured with 100% recyclable foam materials. 

-  For more information check out JUJU SURF CLUB 

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