The 4'10'' Canyon - Black - New Model

$ 350

Born from Stoke-O-Rama (our youth surf events), this all time kids board is one of our favorite new shapes. 

This 4’10’’ shape is designed from years of experience around future little shredders and their non-stop-froth-lifestyle.

Inspired by Co-Founder's son - Canyon, and his desire to shred like dad on his own miniature versioned board, this easy to carry, easy to shred board is the key to an epic summer with your kids.

The hidden 37L of volume of the CANYON floats kids like a dream making it easy to catch waves, but custom built with concave, high performance design, and easy to shred thruster fin set up.

So good, that mom and dad can rip on it too.

-  Dimensions4’10’’ x 19.5 x 3”

-  Volume: 37L

- Fin Setup:  3 fin thruster

-  Prints available:  Black, Stoke, LA Green, LA Purple

-  Recyclable Foam 

-  Highly durable

-  No wax needed - pad inlay

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