The 5'3'' Thrill - Stoke

$ 350

The ultimate twin fin soft board in our 2022 foam surfboard collection.

This board was designed to help you catch waves easily, and bring to life your inner performance surfer.  Great for kids and adults alike, it's your all around shred sled.

-  5'3'' x 20'' x 3'' and Volume is 43 L

-  The thrill includes the premium Futures Fin boxes and Future fins (f6). This allows you to interchange different fin set ups, giving you multiple feelings from one board.

-  Durability -  Our boards are constructed completely waterproof.  This is because it's made as one solid piece of Copolymer foam, so that it will not ding, or take on water at anytime in your experience.

-  Our swallow tail gives you speed and maneuverability. Drawing from our years of surfboard development and wave riding we feel this is the perfect blend of fun and performance.   

 -  Our Molded stringers are made of poplar ply and each board has a custom designed stringer to give the boards maximum strength and performance.

-  No wax needed.  Every board is constructed with our Wax Free Deck Pad inlay so that you have maximum grip for every session.  

 -  All of our boards are proudly made in the USA

-  Made with 100% Recyclable foam.

For more information check out PVW RECYCLING PROGRAM

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