Introducing JUJU x PVW Limited Edition Collaboration


JUJU x PVW Limited Edition Collaboration

JUJU x PVW Limited Edition Collaboration
JUJU Surf Club founder - Michael February and his PVW 8'0'' Scout - JUJU print
Today marks a milestone for PVW as we share our JUJU Surf Club collaboration, celebrating a partnership that has been a long in the making. 
Michael and Zelti February founded JUJU Surf Club in 2020 with the purpose of assisting and empowering African surfers throughout the continent.
Our Relationship with Micheal and Zelti has deep roots, forged by
 Mutual aspirations to uplift and connect under resourced surfing communities with the broader global surf world’s support and access to equipment. 
This partnership represents more than a collaboration, it's a celebration of community and a longstanding relationship with friends whose compassionate work has inspired us greatly.
Tanner and I first met Mikey on the beach front of Ballito Beach, Durban.  Between his heats at the contest venue, he would set up an area nearby to sell a book titled "For the Love" with all proceeds from the book’s sales going to support an organization he worked with called "Waves for Change".
Michael's humble and soft spoken demeanor was the first thing that stood out when we met him.  The book he was selling was filled with amazing surfing images from all across Africa, shining light not only on the native richness of waves in the region, but also the documentation of a uniquely vibrant and African surfing culture. 
Through the years the three of us have grown a close friendship with Mikey and Zelti.  Our relationship connected on parallel passions of surfing, exploring, and connecting with people anywhere we went.
PVW x JUJU Surf Club
One day, Mikey reached out to Tanner and began a conversation that would change our lives forever
One of the groups Micheal had been working closely with, Waves for Change in Cape Town, ZAF, was in the process of growing their program into new regions around SA.  Their mission has always been to introduce youths who might not have traditionally had access to the ocean and teaching surfing as a way of strengthening community bonds, communication, and therapy.  At the time, Michael had seen a recent board drive the three of us had completed in support of the surfing community in Jamaica, and wondered if something like this could be a way of connecting the surf world in America to the incredible organization in Cape Town.
We were inspired by Michael and Tim Conebear’s (founder of W4C) mission along with Tom Hewitt From Surfer’s Not Street Children in Durban and we began to build out the game plan for our next board drive.
That year, 2016, our initiative "Can't Steal Our Vibe" was created resulting in over 800 New and used boards being raised through grassroots activations and social media awareness. Within the following months, a container was organized, packed and shipped to Cape Town for delivery before the equipment being distributed to the W4C and Surfers Not Street Children facilities across the Africa region.
PVW x JUJU Surf Club
PVW x JUJU Surf Club - W4C board drive
PVW x JUJU Surf Club - W4C board drive
PVw x JUJU Surf CLub
Fast forward to 2020, Micheal and Zelti worked to launch an NGO of their own. JUJU Surf Club has been massively impactful in uplifting remote surfing communities across the region, connecting resources and sports equipment to those organizations in need.
PVW x JUJU Surf Club
Their program lives as the bi-product of the countless years and hours these two have dedicated to their home and surfing community.  It's a reflection of not only them as individuals but as one of surfing's most visible and influential surfers as well.  
PVW x JUJU Surf Club
We couldn’t be more happy to collaborate with them in their journey, and their mission that will undoubtedly inspire so many future generations of African Surfers in the years to come.  
The PVW Foundation will be donating a shipment of these specific PVW Softboards x JUJU Surf Club to Africa as well as a financial contribution to aid JUJU SURF Club in their mission. We hope you will join us in our support for this amazing cause and enjoy riding a piece of equipment that celebrates their amazing work. 
This collection will be available August 1, 2022
As we say here at PVW, Keep The Vibe Alive. Thank you for choosing to support a family owned and operated, USA manufactured brand. See you in the water!
JUJU Surf Club founder - Michael February on the PVW 5'3'' THRILL - JUJU Print