Stoke - O - Rama Huntington Beach!!



For the 2016 Hunting Beach Stoke O Rama, the event went off with Pumping 4-6 foot South Swell roping into the Socal Beach break.  Families from all over Orange County showed up in big numbers for the maiden HB event to witness Groms of all shapes and sizes charging like they were in the Eddie Aikau.  This event took place before the prestigious pro event at HB Pier, known as the US Open, so it was fitting that the next generation of shredders had the stage to give us a look into what the future holds.  And if it was any indication of whats to come, I think we are going to have a lot of fun watching these guys charge and enjoy mother nature!!

The event that took place July 23rd at 9th Street, Huntington beach was complete with Fog delays, Beach Games, big surf, and huge currents, but it didn't stop our crew from having an amazing time!!  

And for a great cause!  The 2016 Huntington Beach Stoke O Rama was able to raise $9,500 for the Huntington Beach YMCA in order to provide underprivileged  youth of the community with Free Swim Lessons so that they would be able to enter into the Local Junior Lifeguard programs.  Huge thank you to all the brands and people involved to make it a reality.. Vans, Electric, Jacks surfshop, and Skullcandy.  Their continued support keeps the vibe alive!!!!!

Here's a collection of photos and video from the beautiful day, huge thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting a great event for Huntington beach!!

Keep the Vibe Alive!!!

-  The Positive VIbe Warriors




Tanner G as beach martial


Commentating crew Ian Foulke and Corey Davidson making it rain all day




The Marathon mini man!!!


Little man big run around


Reform riders!!


Pre heat stoke


The girls were shredding too