GROM OF THE WEEK: Rex Hennings

Name: Rex Hennings

Age: 11 years old

Hometown: San Clemente, CA

School: Shorecliffs

Support: Mom and Dad

Local Break: Lowers

Nickname: "Rexy"

Magic Board: 4'10" Lost Mayhem Driver

IG Account: @rex_hennings

Youtube Link:

What gets you stoked? Surfing and seeing your friend catch a good wave. 

Who is in your Tribe? Shane Stacy, Curren Buetler, Lang Hennings (@langhennings), Jett Hennings (@jetthennings), Mick Hennings, Moose Hennings, Marlene Hennings, Aaron Hennings, Charlie Stevens (@charliestevens07), Luke Wyler (@lowersluke), Maddox Bray (@maddoxbray2), Makai Bray (@makaibray1) 

What do you do when you are not surfing all day? Watch WSL surf heats from past events, skate at Alex road skatepark and play with my dog Maggie.

What is a Grom? Someone who is always stoked to go surf.

What moves are you working on this week? Form and style in bad waves. 

What is the best part about growing up in San Clemente? Lowers is my backyard. 

How has the Stokeorama made you fired up to surf? It was fun to surf with friends that I normally don't get to surf with at an event.

What was your favorite part about the final at the Stokeorama in HB? The moment I got chaired up the beach at the end of the heat by my cousin Curren and friend Azure. 

What is your favorite thing about the ocean?  I like being in the water with the ocean creatures.

Early morning offshore or Afternoon glass off?  Depends on the swell, but usually I like early morning glass.

Dream Trip? I would love to go to Tavarua with all of my cousins and family again because the surf is fun. 

Post surf Grinds? Mom's home cooking or Wahoos.

Inspirations in or out of the water? Jeremy Carter @jeremycarter12.

Where do you see yourself in 2020? Still in school, traveled to Bali and have won Nationals. 

Wave Pools or the Ocean? The ocean because every wave is different and you won't get tired of it.

How do you Keep the Vibe Alive?  Sharing waves with groms younger than me. 

What is your first memory of the ocean? When James the local on Tavarua took me out on a soft top at Kiddieland and he held me in the air.