Name: Remy Todd

Age: 10 years old 

Hometown: San Clemente, CA 

School: Concordia Elementary

Support: Mom and Dad, Family and great friends 

Local Break: San O, Lowers, Lost Winds, and T-Street

Nickname: Remmers

Magic Board: 4'8'' Cole Grom Pro

IG Account: @remy_todd

Quote: "Don't worry, Be happy ... going left!"

What gets you stoked? Surf or skate sessions with my friends.

Who is in your Tribe? Mia Mcleish (@miamouse4), Finn & Eva McCarty (@finnmccarty), Avery McDonald (@averymcd), Ryder Biolos (@ryderbiolos), Addison and Ezra Mcphillips (@addisonmcphillips), Addie Brown, Sienna Burch, Catalina Downer (@downer111), Ella Moss (@ellamosssc), Joe Turpel (@joeturpel) and my family.

What do you do when you are not surfing?  I skate in my driveway and I love to draw too.

What is a Grom?  A Grom is someone who is stoked and having fun, no matter how old they are.  

What moves are you working on this week? Bigger off the tops, bottom turns, and cutbacks.

What is your favorite thing about the ocean? I love everything about the ocean.   

Early morning offshores or Afternoon glass off? Early morning because it is fun, less crowded and I like afternoon glass because it is the best way to end the day.  

Dream trip? Fiji, because I'm a goofy foot and love lefts. I would love to go with my tribe.

Post surf Grinds? Quesadilla and a Banana.

Inspirations? Bethany Hamilton, Coco Ho, Gudauskas Bros and Tom Curren.  

Where do you see yourself in 2020? In San Clemente surfing with my friends and family.

Wave Pools or the Ocean? The Ocean...

What is your first memory in the ocean? Tandem surfing with my dad riding the nose when I was three years old.