Grom of the Week: Ntando Msibi


Name: Ntando Msibi 

Age: 19 years old

Instagram: @tnandolife

Hometown: Durban, SA

Support: Surfers Not Street Children (

Local Break: New Pier

Nickname: Biggy Smiles

Magic Board: Bilt Shortboard 5'6'' x 18 1/2 x 2''- This board is gold...

Quote: "Kill them with Biggy Smiles." 

What gets you Stoked?  I love giving something to someone. If it is a wave, a leash or something that makes them stoked, that gets me stoked.

Who is in your Tribe? All of the kids at the Surfers not Street Children house.  We surf together and push each other to be better in and out of the water. I will always spend time with my friends from the streets, but also help them to see they have a right choice to make in life. My buddy @siba_steezy is the king of the skatepark. 

What do you do when you are not surfing all day?  In between surf sessions, I spend time at the Surfers not Street Children Project and spend time training and helping other street kids. I also love to skateboard at the skatepark. I like to skate every day and practice my tricks seeing the skatepark is right on the beach and I look at the waves when I skate. 

What moves are you working on this week? Frontside Stale Air reverse. This move is the best and I have always wanted to land one.  I want to stomp one while I am here in California. 

What is your favorite thing about the ocean? What I love most about the ocean is that it calms you down. If I go in the ocean, every problem goes away and it's just me and the ocean. I love the way the water feels on your body and I hope I can help other people enjoy the ocean too. 

Early morning offshore of Afternoon Glass-off? Afternoon for sure.  Finishing off the day until the sun goes down. Nothing is better....

Dream Trip? For sure going to the Mentawai Islands.  If the boat can take me straight to Macaronis, I would surf all day long. Then maybe go to that heavy left that everyone surfs. That place looks like the best surf in the world. 

Inspirations? The Waves.... How stoked the waves make you feel is inspiring. It can be any size or style.  Nothing is better and it always makes you feel like you need another one. Even when you finish surfing a wave, you think about the next wave. Music gets me Frothed.... Waves inspire me. 

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