Name: Keoni Lasa

Age: 12

Hometown: Zarautz (Basque Country, Spain) 

School: Lizardi Zarautz, (Basque Country, Spain) 

Support: My Family, Vans Europe, Creatures, Futures, Sex Wax, Cabianca Surfboards

Local Break: Zarautz

Nickname: Keo

Magic Board: Cabianca 4'5" Muleke Design

IG Account: @keoni_lasa

Youtube Link:

What gets you stoked? Surfing with friends. 

Who is in your Tribe? Indar (@indarlasa), Ruben Victoria (@ruben.victoria,) Adur Amatriain (@aduramatriain), Nadia Erostarbe (@nadiaerostarbe), Arnau Riera (@arnauriera6), Leticia Canales (@leticiacanales) 

What do you do when you are not surfing all day? Skateboard and play Fortnite.

What is a Grom? A kid who likes having fun.

What moves are you working on this week? Air reverses on the Lowers lefts.

What is your favorite thing about the ocean?  That you can swim.

Early morning offshore or Afternoon glass off?  Early morning offshore is always better because you can get barreled. 

Dream Trip? I would like to go to Ecuador because the waves are good and I would take my family. 

Post surf Grinds? Hamburgers and sweets.

Inspirations in or out of the water? Miguel Pupo.

Where do you see yourself in 2020? Anywhere and everywhere having fun in the water.

Wave Pools or the Ocean? The ocean is way better.

How do you Keep the Vibe Alive?  By surfing everyday.

What is your first memory of the ocean? Swimming and playing in the shore break.