Name: Hayden Rodgers

Age:  11 years old

Hometown: San Clemente

School: San Clemente Christian School

Support: Volcom, Electric, Rumaner Surfboards, Banzai Bowls, Shade Sunscreen, Laguna Surf and Sport

Local Break: Lower Trestles

Nickname: Haydo

Magic Board: Rumaner epoxy 4' 61/2"

IG Account:  @haydenrodgers_1

Youtube Link:



What gets you stoked? Paddling out and seeing firing barrels.

 Who is in your Tribe? My brother Nolan (@nolanrodgers_ ) Dax McPhillips (@daxmcphillips) Niko Ripley (@niko_hippo) Ryder Salberg (@rydersalberg19)

 What do you do when you are not surfing all day? I love to fish with my friends. 

 What is a Grom?  A kid psyched on surfing all day, every day. 

 What moves are you working on this week?  Barrels and alley-oops.

 What is your favorite thing about the ocean?  Waves and surfing. I love the feeling of getting spit out of a barrel, when you hear it first, then you see it wrap around your back and then you are happy!!

 Early morning offshore or Afternoon glass off? Off shore because this is when there are better barrels to be had.

 Dream Trip?  I would like to go to the Mentawis because there are perfect waves with nobody out. Skeleton Bay has always been on my mind because it is a perfect mile long left barrel. I would want to go with Nolan, Dax, Ryder and Niko.

 Post surf Grinds?  Banzai Bowls!!!

 Inspirations in or out of the water? John John, Kolohe Andino and Clay Marzo are my favorite surfers.

 I've been inspired by the Gudauskas brothers to give back to kids through surfing that don’t have the same opportunities that I have.  My brother Nolan and I saw what the Gudauskas' did for the kids in Jamaica and we thought we could do something similar for the kids in Baja, Mexico. We had done a contest with UAPO (United Athletes of the Pacific Ocean) down in San Miguel and we met Gino Pasaloc who runs the youth surf contests in Baja.  We had so much fun and got to meet some of the kids and families from that surf community and saw there was a need for kids surf gear.  My brother and I hit up all of our friends who had gently used kids surf gear in their garages. We were able to collect 20 slightly used kids surf boards, 50 wetsuits (most of them brand-new), fins, leashes, traction pads, clothes, etc.. Then we held a "surf clinic" in August down at La Fonda Beach with UAPO and Volcom, Fish 101 and Sum Bum helped sponsor.  We held heats talked about competitive surfing and scoring and coached the kids from Baja. We also gave away the surf gear we had collected along with grab bags from the sponsors.  It was amazing and we are planning to do another event and surf gear drive soon.

 Where do you want to be in 2020? Hopefully win a National Title and US Champs and be competing for USA Surf Team for ISA World Juniors.

 Wave Pools or the Ocean? The ocean. I have never surfed a wavepool but I like the unpredictability of the Ocean. Also surfing with dolphins and sea turtles is pretty cool.

 What is your first memory of the ocean? Getting pushed into a wave standing up by my dad on a soft top with my life jacket on. It was great.