GROM OF THE WEEK: Gerrit Bakker

Name: Gerrit Bakker

Age: 6 years old

Hometown: Capistrano Beach, CA

School: Palisades Elementary 1st Grade

Support: Rumaner Surfboards, Doors surf studio Japan, Cyber Wetsuits

Local Break: Doheny Beach, Lowers, T-Street

Nickname: Lil G

Magic Board: 4'7" Rumaner Shortboard

IG Account: @cybersuits

Quote: "I live in a van down by the River!" 


What gets you stoked? Learning a new trick!

Who is in your Tribe? Kalani Grodzen (@nextgrom) Jiei Nishi (@jieinishi) Rocco Calandra (@rocco.cal2009) Jude Sager (@judetheskaterdude) and my sister "Hana the Banana"

What do you do when you are not surfing all day? I skate San Clemente, blue gate and Etnies Skatepark. Practice Ju-Jitsu at Fight Strong MMA, Snowboard and go fishing with my family. 

What is a Grom? "I am a GROM."  

What moves are you working on this week? I am working on frontside turns in the ocean and the spine switch at the San Clemente skatepark.

What is your favorite thing about the ocean? It splashes, it's not hard like concrete and fish swim in it. 

Early morning offshore or Afternoon glass off? Afternoon glass off because my epoxy works best on a smooth face. 

Dream Trip? I would go to Pakala's in Kauai with my Dad. The lefts are epic and so long. 

Post surf Grinds? Sushi of course!

Inspirations in or out of the water? JJF, Eli Henneman, Griffen Colapinto, Filipe Toledo, Kanoa Igarashi. 

Where do you want to be in 2020? Woodword East and Kelly Slater's wave pool. 

Wave Pools or the Ocean? Wave Pool. 

What is your first memory of the ocean? When I was 2 1/2 I started surfing Doheny. I stood up on my first wave and took it all the way to the beach to my Mom.