Name: Crosby Colapinto

Age: 15 years old

Hometown: San Clemente, CA

School: Compuhigh

Support: Mom, Dad, my brother, Rip Curl, ...Lost surfboards, Dragon, Sex Wax, Stance, Jacks Surf Shop.

Local Break: Lower Trestles

Nickname: The Crozzzz

Magic Board: Lost Surfboard: V2HP. I am loving this surfboard and it is a great all around surfboard.

IG Account: @cosbycola

Quote: "If you ain't having fun what you are doing, you are doing the wrong thing." 

Youtube Link: 

What gets you Stoked? Hanging out with my friends and scoring fun waves. Nothing better than pushing your friends to surf the best they can in the water. 

Who is in your Tribe? ( @liammurry, @tajlinbald, @noahbeshen, @kadematson, @davideconimos, @jettschilling)

What do you do when you are not surfing all day? I like to play golf when the waves are bad and I am not surfing. 

What is a Grom? A Grom is someone who is younger than you and spends the whole day in the water. 

What moves are you working on this week? This week I have been really trying to work on landing every air I try to attempt. If I am not going to pull it, I don't want to try it. 

What is your favorite thing about the ocean? The ocean is a special place and my favorite thing about it is that it is so unpredictable. 

Early morning offshore or Afternoon glass off? Afternoon glass off for sure because the wave is sooo silky and smooth. 

Dream Trip? I would want to travel to Lakey Peak with my brother Griffen, Noah Beschen, Kade Matson and Liam Murray. 

Post surf Grinds? Eggs and Bacon. 

Inspirations in or out of the water? To wake up every day with the hopes to surf a wave.  This will make you happy and keep you positive in and out of the water. 

Where do you want to be in 2020? I want to see myself on the WSL world tour and hopefully competing with my brother. 

Waves Pools or the Ocean? I like the ocean because it is more natural. 

What is your first memory of the ocean? My first memory in the ocean would be spending the whole day in the water at my families surf camp.  I would just play and surf in the water all day long.