Name: Bryce Crane

Age:  17 years old

Hometown: San Clemente, CA

School: San Clemente High School

Support: Mom/Dad co, Grandparents inc. 

Local Break: Rivi

Nickname: Bruce, B-Rice

Magic Board: Channel Islands Bunny Chow

IG Account: @bryce_crane

What gets you stoked? Seeing people stoked gets me most stoked. Nothing compares to rolling up with the boys, to firing waves, and no one out, and everyone just froths out. I’m sure anyone who has ever surfed has had these sessions, but there is nothing better than splitting perfect waves with boys as everyone’s stoke levels are off the charts!! 

Who is in your Tribe? Dad: (@ericcrane) Mom: (@houseofabbie) Brother Eli (15) : @elicrane_14 Brother Jack: (@jackcrane__ ) @davideconomos @noahatwood @noahohenester @drakeabra @wst.on

What do you do when you are not surfing? When I’m not surfing I am still usually at the beach. Either cruising with friends or lifeguarding, I find it very hard to leave the beach, as my life revolves around the waves and weather. If either of those are not good, I am either mountain biking or snowboarding.

What is a Grom? A grom can be anyone no matter their age. A grom is a label for a mindset given to anyone whose stoke levels are otherworldly. 45 year old grinding the inside left at lowers because he can't’ help it, GROM. 10 year old who has his mom calls him out of school because the waves are sub-par but he is jonesing to surf GROM. 25-year-old hooting and hollering at as the lip just barely goes over his head and his 8ft wave storm, GROM.    

What moves are you working on this week? This week I have been trying when I get the section, layback snaps because they through massive amounts of water and look super sick. I have been trying ally-oops for the past month but I’ve barely gotten close to landing one.

What is your favorite thing about the ocean?  My favorite part about the ocean is the ability it gives me to forget about everything else and be in the moment. Out of the thousands of times, I have been in the ocean I have never had a time where I have come in bummed out, no matter what it is I'm doing. From grinding contest, surfing rivi, and surfing t-streets with the high school team, to body surfing closeouts and burning kooks on beaters, the ocean never disappoints.

Early morning offshores or Afternoon glass off?  Difficult question as they both are fricken awesome! If I had to choose between either I’d pick early morning offshore. First, the offshore has made for some epic barrel session. Morning sessions usually have fewer people as it is more difficult to surf early in the morning than after work or school. Morning sessions are magical, like Christmas morning when unwrapping the biggest box you can find, you don't quite know how good the waves are gonna be, but you know it’s gonna be epic.   

Dream trip?  Dream trip would have to be to the Mentawais with my Dad, brothers, and friends, because ever since I’ve seen Green Bush break I have been obsessed, and the more friends to surf with the higher the stoke levels!  

Post surf Grinds?  Easy, Bad To the Bone BBQ. Best bbq around and there's nothing that satisfies post surf hunger like their tri tip plate. PS this is not a sponsorship plug, just obsessed.

Inspirations?  My Dad has to be my biggest inspiration in and out of the water. He was the one who taught me how to surf and seeing him rip has always inspired me to get better. Out of the water, he pours all of his time and effort into his business and is the most dedicated man I know. He never says anything is too hard or is unreachable, he only puts his head down and works hard until he obtains his goals. This is a characteristic I have strived to master my entire life but will take years before I master or even come close to his excellence.  

Where do you see yourself in 2020? In 2020 I will be 20 years old, so hopefully, I will be just finishing up college at UCSB and looking into the action sports industry for a job.

Wave Pools or the Ocean? Ocean. Wave pools are sick and Kelly’s new left is pretty dreamy, but they will never be as cool as the real deal.

What is your first memory in the ocean?  Getting barrelled.