GROM OF THE WEEK: Alex Corson 

Name: Alex Corson

Age: 19 years old

Hometown: Somers Point, New Jersey 

School: Mainland Regional High School

Support: My parents, friends, teachers, Heritage Surf Shop, SuperBrand Surfboards, Wavebandit Surfboards, Hyperflex Wetsuits, Sector 9, Matunas, Faces 4 Autism, Ben Gravy, Rob Kelly, CJ Hobgood, and Albee Layer

Local Break: 32nd street in Longport, NJ

Magic Board: 9’0 Wavebandit Ben Gravy Pro Model 

IG Account: @apc_cool_pics

Quote: “The stoke is on, and it always will be.”


What gets you stoked?  I stay stoked by surfing, watching surf videos, listening to music, doing art, photography, and making videos.

Who is in your Tribe? Ben Gravy (@bengravyy), Rob Kelly (@robkellysurf), Albee Layer (, Ryan Tomlinson (ryan.tomlinson), Jordan Elizabeth (@jverni), and CJ Hobgood (@forgot2kickout)

Three words that describe you? Happy, Stoked, Motivated.

What do you do when you are not surfing all day?  Going to school, working at Jilly’s T-Shirt Factory in Ocean City, NJ, play video games, think surf, watch old school MTV music videos and shows, and listening to music.

What is a Grom? A Grom is a person who is part of something much larger, particularly in the sport of surfing.

What projects are you working on this week?  Continuing advertising and promoting my own brand of surf wax, thinking about what to speak at an autism conference in a few weeks, and making an animation for school.

What is the best part about growing up on the East Coast? The best part of growing up on the east coast is that the ocean is at my front door. I can grab my board, GoPro, and wetsuit, and have some fun at a place I’ll like to call Blue Wonderland. 

How has the community given you inspiration? Being in the surfing community inspired me to become a best person I could ever be. The community also inspired me to be a chill laid back type of person, not having to worry about the tiniest of things. 

What is your favorite thing about the ocean? My favorite thing about the ocean is that it’s a pretty place to cool off and enjoy the nature around you. The waves are my favorite, too. The ocean taught me not to fight the waves, but go with the flow.

Early morning offshore or Afternoon glass off?  During summers, I normally do afternoon glass off, especially during sunset, where lots of people leave the beach, and surfers take over. The sunsets pretty, and the waves are good too at times.

Dream Trip?  I would like to go to Hawaii with Ben Gravy and Rob Kelly. Why? Hawaii is a dream getaway for us surfers. I also have Instagram friends that live in Hawaii, so that makes it better. Even if I can’t surf there, I can still make the best of things, visiting the Volcom Pipe House and hanging out watching surf all day long.

Post surf Grinds:  I’ll go to Bungalow Bowls (@bungalowbowls) to get a Acai Bowl. Sometimes I’ll get pizza, depending on what time it is.

Inspirations in or out of the water? My inspirations in the water are Ben Gravy (@bengravyy), Rob Kelly (@robkellysurf), and lots of groms. Sometimes, the youngest of groms teach me a lot. My inspirations out of the water include my teachers, friends, and relatives.

Where do you see yourself in 2024?  A college graduate, an ultimate stoke purveyor, and a semi pro surfer.

Wave Pools or the Ocean? Personally, I’ll go with wave pools. The oceans good too, but every wave is different. With wave pools, every wave is the same. The wave pool can be a training ground, while the ocean can be a playground.

Who is your favorite Gudauskas brother?   I’ll go with Dane. Judging from his Instagram posts and stories, he is a really cool dude to chill with.

How do you keep the vibe alive? I keep the vibe alive on the daily by staying STOKED and supporting others with positive vibes.

What is your first memory of the ocean? When I was younger, my first memory was enjoying the waves. Getting into the surfing grove a couple years ago, it made appreciate that memory even more.