NAME: Adam Bartlett

AGE: 9 Years Old

Hometown: Santa Cruz, California 

School: St. Abraham's Classical Christian Academy

Support: My Family, Volcom, Pacific Wave surf shop, XCEL, Ken "Skindog" Collins, Future Fins, the Santa Cruz Junior Lifeguards

Local Break: The Lane

Nickname: Mini frog/ Tadpole

Magic Board: Lost Surfboard 4'8'' squash tail "Driver"

IG Account: @adam_bartlett

Quote: "Hesitate too late, doubt and your OUT."

 What gets you stoked? Surfing and playing baseball with my friends and family. 

Who is in your Tribe?  Jackson Taylor (@jacksonkaitaylor), James Daniels (@james_danielsc), Koa Depuydt (@koadepuydt), Miles Torr (@milestorr), Santiago Hart (@santiago_hart), Cole Sandman (@cole_sandman), Elijah Saleri (@elijahsaleri), Jack Conti (@jackconti_) Sam Coffey (@samcoffey)

What do you do when you are not surfing all day? Lots of school work, play baseball and basketball, piano and hang out with my family.

What is a Grom? A surfer or skater kid who is super amped. 

What moves are you working on this week? Floaters and Airs. 

What is your favorite thing about the ocean? Getting to play in it all day long with my friends.

Early morning offshore or Afternoon glass off? I love both. Because it is all surfing. 

Dream Trip? Bali with my dad, because the water is warm and the barrels are deep. 

Post surf Grinds? Acai bowls and the Barrel burrito from the Point Market.

Inspirations?  My mom and dad. My dad taught me how to surf and my mom always takes care of me. In the water Nat Young, because he is nice and shreds. I love getting to surf with him all the time at the Lane. 

What is your first memory of the ocean? When my Dad paddled me way out the back at Cowell's on his longboard and I stood up while he rode the wave into the beach. I was probably 2 years old and loved it.