Makaha Beach Stoke O Rama

     All Photos By Ha'a Keaulana

     The sun was shining bright at this year’s Stoke O Rama event at Makaha Beach, Hawaii on November 28th, 2015. The Positive Vibe Warriors working alongside Duande Desoto and the Na Kama Kai Organization, came together with the amazing community of Makaha Beach for an epic beach day all about the kids! The Makaha Stoke O Rama was a free community based surf “celebration” fundraiser event for kids living on the Westside of Oahu, highlighting divisions 12 and under, 10 and under and 8 and under for boys and girls. This event also featured a non elimination format ensuring that each kid regardless of skill level or heat placement at least surfs twice. What really stood out about the day was that the kids were free to ride anything they wanted in their heats. Surfboards, soft tops, boogie boards, boule boards and even an expression session featuring waves ridden in Hawaiian canoes and massive inflated boards called “Supsquash.” It was truly a pure and unfiltered celebration of wave riding, highlighting Makaha Beach’s unique natural rhythm with the ocean.

     The great energy continued to grow along with a rising NW swell into the afternoon. With the support from friends and family on the beach, the crew of young chargers headed out into the finals taking on the stacking swell with calm nerves and wide open smiles. Seeing how comfortable the groms were in the midst of the stirring blue ocean with perfect offshore winds and the entire break to themselves was absolutely inspiring. And watching as the community of Makaha opened its heart to let us enjoy such an incredible day at a location where the heritage of being a ‘waterman” is as deeply rooted as the towering mountains that surround the community was an experience we won’t soon forget. This is their home, their playground, and a source of love and inspiration. Sharing the energy with generations of past, present and future truly embodied what the Stoke O Rama experience is all about. 

     Through the amazing donations of the event’s sponsors: Vans, Electric sunglasses, Positive Vibe Warriors, Jodi Wilmont from the WSL, T and C Surfboards and Da Hui, the Positive Vibe Warriors Foundation was able to raise $12,000 for the Na Kama Kai organization, whose mission is to empower communities and youth of Hawaii about ocean awareness and Hawaiian culture and values. These funds will also help assist the Jr. Lifeguards right there at Makaha Beach, supporting the long history of hawaiian watermen. This event was an extraordinary collective effort. A huge thank you to all of the Na Kama Kai volunteers for their tireless work, the Desoto family, Leong family, Keaulana family, Mel Pu’u and the entire Makaha Beach community for sharing your love of the ocean and Ohana. What a day, we thank you all!

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