Inspirational Warriors

Each month we will be highlighting a Positive Vibe Warrior, whose strong spirit, or valuable actions in their community have inspired others to overcome adversity in their own unique way… This month, we are featuring Sophia Hurst, this is her incredible journey, and her positive approach to life living with Spina Bifida, a birth defect that effects the spinal chord.  We love her spirit, and know you will too! Enjoy.

    "I grew up on the north shore of Kauai (Kilauea) and now Im living in Mendocino County in a little town called Fort Bragg. I'm a bit of a small town girl.  My mom is from this area and we lived here for a short time when I was a baby, so I guess you could say my life has come full circle.  As a kid, I spent quite bit of time in the hospital, having multiple surgeries for different issues related to having Spina Bifida with 29 surgeries in all.  Because I didn't have a lot of time to just be a kid growing up, I've tried to make up for it as an adult!   I love any opportunity to push the limits of what I think my body can do.  The major thing I've done that has helped a lot is taking up yoga classes up to 3 days a week. I've been doing it for about a year and a half now, and I've seen major changes in myself both physically and emotionally.


By far though, the coolest opportunity I've had to push my own limits though is getting to surf with my sister Leila, and the Life Rolls On foundation. It has been so life changing to meet all of these inspiring and encouraging people, and being able to share Leila's passion, has made the whole experience that much sweeter.

     With my friends and family's support, I've learned to have more faith in myself and my abilities. Without them backing me up, I probably would question myself a little bit more.  I was just raised with the mentality of taking care of myself, but also not letting amazing opportunities pass me by.  In some respects, people may say I take it too far sometimes.  For example, my favorite part of surfing is falling off the board and getting a bit tumbled around in the whitewash.  But I figure, if I'm gonna do something like surfing, that is such an adrenaline rush on its own, I might as well go all the way and embrace the whole experience!  I think the best piece of advice I can pass on to anyone, is to simply remove the word 'can't' from your vocabulary."

- Sophia Hurst